Saturday, January 17, 2009


I absolutely loved the message in Daylights (daily devotional) today! I just changed some of the wording around. The author of this daylights was talking about Job and his many questions he had while God was testing him. I think many of us have these same questions every day whether we are suffering or not because it all is focused around the basic concept: 

How much do we trust God? 

"Why doesn't God clue me in to what is really going on in my life? Why doesn't he tell me why I'm going through these trials - my integrity and even sanity is on the line! Why must I live in this stage of life without ever seeing what God is doing behind the curtain?

God wants us to deepen the depths of our trust still more. A blind person entrusts his very life to his seeing-eye dog to lead him. How much more should we entrust our lives to our seeing-eye God! He knows the way we take, and He is using our blindness through trials to make us pure as gold. 

**Just as  a beautiful picture, caught on film, can only be developed in a darkroom, so God must often develop the beauty He desires to see in our lives... in the darkness. If the light is turned on too soon, the picture is ruined. But as with Job (and all of us), in due time, the light switch will be turned on, and the beauty revealed." 

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  1. So where do your other entry from Sunday go with that song?? I love you a lot!