Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Meyer House!

Chris and I were very blessed with being able to purchase our first home last fall. It was actually a very smooth and easy process for us, and from what I have heard, that's not very common! Chris got pre-qualified one week, we looked at houses for two days, made an offer, negotiated for a few days and then signed for the house a couple weeks later. From start to finish I think it took us about a  month. We absolutely LOVE our home!

Chris and I were also very blessed by the timing of everything. We got posession of the house in November and so we had about two months to work on it before our wedding! This turned out to be fabulous for us. We have such an incredible group of friends that helped us with getting our house ready. Thank you so much to everyone who helped paint, re-finish floors, clean, etc.!

The previous owner had painted all of the walls bright white and the trim was a peachy/tan color. It was a really gross combination. But after many hours of painting with the help of many of our amazing friends, we now have colored walls with white trim. Here are some pictures!

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