Thursday, July 22, 2010

My first camping trip

My family never really got into camping when I was younger, I've always been scared of the dark and I am not a huge fan of bugs; so needless to say I've never been much of a camper. I was quite nervous about this trip because of my lack of experience and it was the first big trip that I was going on with the entire Meyer family - all 16 of them! But to the surprise of my husband, family, friends and even myself, I absolutely loved it!
Troy, Missouri
I did love the actual camping part, but I especially loved buying all of our camping equipment. It was fun to buy my very own "gear." Everything we bought ended up being blue and green of course. Packing was even fun for the trip because I didn't have to bring any dressy clothes or shoes with me - just flip flops, tennis shoes, shorts and t-shirts!
Our little tent
We left town on Friday morning and made our way to Troy, Missouri. The park we stayed in was beautiful! We set up camp, explored a little and then enjoyed some fabulous Brita Meyer cooking over a campfire. Besides eating, playing a few games, swimming in the lake and reading, I really enjoyed having nothing to do!
Me and my niece, Eleanor
Unfortunately on Sunday morning a storm rolled in. We decided to pack up our tents and try to make it out of the park before the thunderstorm unleashed on us.... We were about ten minutes too late - we all got soaked! I wish I had a few pictures of that!

We headed to St. Louis and spent the day going to an art museum and the ZOO! I really love the zoo. It may be one of my favorite things to do - I am fascinated by all the different types of birds, cats, fish etc. I wish I could have stayed there longer, but I've been promised of a trip to the Omaha zoo sometime in the near future. :)
The Sea Lion Show!
After really "roughing it" at the Drury Inn, we went to the St. Louis Arch on Monday morning. I had driven by the arch several times, but had never been up close to it so I enjoyed visiting it for the first time. None of us actually went up into the arch because of long lines and fear of heights.
My nephew, Elijah at the St. Louis Arch
On Monday night we decided to drive up to Iowa City and stay at Nathan and Rachel's house instead of camping once again because of rain and thunderstorms. We ended our family vacation with a wonderful meal and a much anticipated trip to DQ (all weekend we were asking if "blizzards" were in the forecast). :)

On our way home we stopped and picked blueberries at a farm and visited a cheese curd factory. Again, these were both firsts for me! I enjoyed picking and eating the fresh blueberries, but I wasn't a huge fan of the fresh cheese curds - they squeak on your teeth!

Overall, I had a great time with the Meyer clan on this family vacation! I think next year there is talk of going to Yellowstone!!!

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