Saturday, September 1, 2012

Twelve Days in Ohio

Sorry for my delay in posting (again), but we have been very busy this past month!

I got back about a week ago from spending twelve days in Ohio with my mom, grandmother (mommom) and Addie. Yep, that's right, I spent 12 days away from Chris! EEK! But I did more than survive, I had a wonderful time!

It was hard to be away from Chris and everyone else for that long, and I definitely cried before we left, but it's not very often that four generations are able to travel together! My mom and mommom got lots of quality time with Addie and I was able to see a ton of relatives and friends that I haven't seen since my wedding, or even longer! While everyone was excited to see me, Addison definitely stole the show and was adored by all.
Addison and Great Grandma Cook
Addison and Great Grandma Wigglesworth at the Columbus Zoo
My mom, Addie, "aunt" Irene and  "cousin" Sam.
Me and Addie with my cousin, Davon, and her son.
Mommom with her three children! Dave, Kathy and Doug!

The last three photos were taken at our "family reunion" that took place while we were visiting. I put family reunion in quotations because that is the easiest way to explain this strange gathering. Each year my uncle, Doug, throws a large party for his friends and family... but it is also a celebration of a train caboose that he restored many years ago. So the evening consists of eating and drinking, talking, taking family photos, taking tours of the caboose, oh and of course having my mommom "light" the caboose (plugging in the string of christmas lights). 

It's actually quite difficult to put this event into words, but as you can see in the picture above, we even have t-shirts that many people wear each year! :)

While we were out of town, Addie seemed to grow both physically and intellectually a ton! She is now walking while holding onto a finger or two and is playing and talking a lot more. It is fun to watch her actually play with other kids these days. She definitely knows who Maddie and Max are and enjoys "playing"/taking their toys from them.

I think it's just a matter of weeks before she takes off... probably running because let's be honest, she doesn't do anything slow, quiet, or gently these days.

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