Monday, September 16, 2013

Six Month Update

Welp, I've hit a record of not blogging for six months.  But instead of feeling like a failure, I'm just going to laugh and be okay with that. I've had plenty of time to write, post pictures, etc. I just haven't wanted to and that is okay. How many people read this thing anyways? I know I have one new reader today - shout out to my coworker, Kate! I'm totally blogging today because she sent me her blog and inspired me to at least give an update on what our family has been up to lately!

So here it goes!

Since February, our family has had many ups and downs, but I'm thankful to report that our whole family is healthy and happy at the current moment. I emphasize the healthy part because in March, this is what Addie looked like:
Poor thing fell onto a toy :(
and then in July she had an unfortunate run in with a chair at church which required five stitches at Blank Children's Hospital.

She enjoyed some special cuddle time...until the doctors
arrived to do the stitching, then it was game-over. 
Also in July, Chris and I learned that we had a miscarriage with our second child. There's a ton that goes along with experiencing this that I won't get into publicly, but we'd appreciate continued prayers for this as it's a long process of physical and emotional healing. God has been extremely gracious to us throughout everything and we have grown, learned and experienced many wonderful things through a not-so-wonderful situation. 

And our last health scare was with my dad, also in July (it wasn't a great month for us), he had a large (I mean, LARGE) tumor removed from his back and then had several complications with that. But thankfully, everything came back cancer-free and he is back to his normal self now! :)

Despite all that craziness, we thoroughly enjoyed the spring and summer in our new home. We LOVE having a fenced-in backyard and a three-season porch. It has been such a blessing to be able to host our Bible study each week and a variety of other events. We just love living in Windsor Heights! The house across the street  and another house up the street are for sale right now.... I'm just sayin' ;)

We also have been able to host my best friend from high school, Heidi, and her daughter, Kiley, for the past few months. They are just a joy to have living with us! Obviously, there are some pretty crazy moments and adjustments that occur when you suddenly add another adult and a 3-year-old into your household, but overall, it's been great for both girls and really special for Heidi and I to reconnect!

The girls absolutely adore each other....and like to match from time-to-time. 
So sweet (they did this all on their own!) 
Playing their favorite game called "ready, set, go!"
Heidi and I cooking for our Bible Study during Community Care Weekend
The summer was filled with many trips to the zoo, parks and pool, bike rides (courtesy of my parents giving us their old bikes!) and of course an ice cream cone on most nights. I think Addie is going to struggle as it starts to get colder outside - this girl would live outside if I let her!
Loving the "waterslide" in our backyard.
We had several pool parties at other friends' houses this summer. 
Addie and Daddy enjoying the hippo water fountain at Blank Park Zoo.
Bike rides are exhausting!
She loves her ice cream! (and this dress apparently -ha!)
While we have enjoyed the summer-fun, we are looking forward to the coziness of fall including crock pot meals, hot cider, lots of football games, sweatshirts, orchards, playing in the leaves and so much more! 

Maybe my coworker, Kate, will help me stay motivated to keep posting. Now that I've done this, I've realized again that it doesn't take very long and I do enjoy doing it... I just need to do it! Anyways, we'll see when the next post happens! 

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