Friday, March 27, 2009

Well Done

Today I turned on the space heater under my desk at work... Not only did it make my area smell like burn, but it also resulted in a fuse blowing and half of my office losing power. OOPS!

While we waited for the maintenance guy to show up I was told to use another co-worker's computer until mine could be fixed. I was just starting to work on a project when I noticed a note that was written on her desk… This is what it said:

“If heaven exists, I will not dress for the occasion; I will not pay my way in; I will not wage war on the gates; I will not lie, cheat or steal my way to the front; I will not denounce another to enhance my appearance; nor will I depend on objects of material possession to gain favor with its keeper. Instead, I will be led, by a hand extended in invitation and support, for my body will be weary from hard work and toil in matters concerning goodness and truth.” –Anonymous

Some of you have probably read that before, but I hadn’t. It really challenged me to think about what it is going to be like to stand before Jesus at the end of my life. Will I boast about everything that I have “accomplished” in this life? Will I try to win His attention through things I own or the way I look? Or will I humbly fall to His feet, exhausted from pouring my life out for His purposes?

I hope it will be more like the last one, I want to hear those words “well done, my good and faithful servant” so badly – Am I, and are you, living in a way that would be worthy of such an honor?

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