Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Update on the Attic!

After two weeks of priming, painting, staining, flooring and lots and lots of sweating, our attic is mostly DONE!! I must say that my husband and the men from our Bible study did the vast majority of the work, but I did help with some of the projects! I'm so thankful for all of their hard work. They installed the floor in one night... it lasted until 3:00 a.m., but still - that's a lot of work!

The attic was originally covered from floor to ceiling with really cheap wood panelling. We painted over all of that and installed a brand new wood floor thanks to the generosity of our aunt and uncle. Chris and I went back and fourth on deciding what this new space would become. Many people thought we should make it into our bedroom, a guest room or a future kiddo's room, but Chris and I ultimately decided that we really wanted a space that we could use when we have people over since our basement isn't finished yet. So... we made the attic into another living room! We absolutely love it! We even found this amazing couch at Slumberland for almost half off!! I haven't decorated yet, but here are some pictures of our new attic!!

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