Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Perfect Little Peanut

About a week ago, Chris and I had another ultrasound appointment at the Methodist Perinatal Center. Now, some of you might be wondering why I'm having ultrasounds at the perinatalogist. Typically, perinatalogy is for high-risk pregnancies. Well, I'm not high risk, but because of my mom's heart attack in September and Chris' heart condition, I have to have all of my ultrasounds performed by perinatalogists. Each future kiddo will also have to have an echocardiogram at about 22 weeks to rule out possible heart defects.

Even though this process seems quite silly to me, I am thankful to report that they were able to rule out 88 percent of possible heart defects for this little girl. The procedure was supposed to take about a half hour, but it ended up taking over an hour because she just wouldn't stop moving! It was fun to watch her squirm around and kick, but the ultrasound tech didn't think it was quite as amusing.

She is a very active little girl! Although I can't feel the vast majority of her kicks, she has decided to move her legs (or arms, I'm not sure at this point) under my rib cage and have a party. It's cute now, but I can only imagine how "fun" that's going to be as she gets bigger and stronger. I would say I am hopeful that as she grows, she will calm down a little, but let's be realistic she is half Chris Meyer.... she will be a wiggle worm for life!

I am still terrible at taking photos of my baby belly, but here is a photo from last week that you can kind of see it in. I will really try to take a decent photo this week!

Dayna's Bachlorette Party!
In other news, I am really looking forward to this weekend! One of my best friends, Dayna, is getting married to one of Chris' best friends, Cole, on Saturday. Chris and I are extremely excited to celebrate with them on their big day. They have been amazing friends to us over the years... and they have a very similar last name - Meyers! :)


  1. Congrats on the good news so far. Also, I lost my phone about two weeks & all my phone numbers, please text me so I can have yours again!

  2. So you know how every once in a while we run into each other and talk about hanging out sometime? Well, I realize that was before you were making a kid inside yourself, but I still would like to make that happen at some point. What do you say? I think you're neat.