Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Meeting Mommom and Poppop

This year has been the year of sickness for my (the Cook) family. A little over a year ago, my mom had a large heart attack, both of my grandmothers have been ill and now my dad has been sick. My dad was recently diagnosed with a condition called Meniere's Disease. It's a problem with his inner ear that has caused him to have severe dizzy and nausea spells. My dad has even been hospitalized a few times because the spells have been so severe. Unfortunately, this has kept my parents from being able to make the six hour drive to Des Moines since Addison was born. We all have been very sad and frustrated about this because I desperately wanted them to come to town and they kept trying to make it work, but then my dad would get sick again.

So, when my dad was scheduled to have a procedure done in Omaha, I knew I had to surprise him somehow. My sister took the day off from work and we headed to Omaha with Addie. We had to get the address of the clinic so we let my mom in on our plans, but we begged her to keep it a secret from dad - she is quite terrible at keeping secrets so this was a big challenge for her! She did a great job though!

We pulled into the parking lot of the clinic just moments after they did and then met my mom in the hallway. We went into the waiting room where my dad was sitting (faced away from the door) and said, "HEY DADDY!" He was completely shocked to see Kelly, myself and little Addie! It was such a great surprise!

Poppop holding Addie for
the first time!

Mommom holding Addie!

Great mommom holding Addie.
She was also completely surprised
by our visit! She is the cutest grandma I know!

We went out to a super-fancy lunch at
McDonalds...and ate in the parking lot.

Poppop thought he would share with Addie!
Even though it's not the ideal situation, I am very thankful that we were able to surprise my parents. We are looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with them so they can really spend some quality time with their granddaughter!

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