Monday, October 24, 2011

Introducing Miss Addison Renae!

I am thrilled to finally be able to post about my gorgeous daughter, Addison Renae Meyer!!!!!

I am sure most people who are reading this have already heard most of these things, but here is the amazing story of how Addie arrived a little over two weeks ago!

On Friday, September 30, I started noticing that I was having contractions on a pretty consistent basis. They weren't painful at all, but I was having them about every ten minutes or so. With my official due date on Sunday, October 2, I was extremely excited about these contractions; however, these contractions continued to be about ten minutes apart..... for the next five days. 

I wouldn't say that I was miserable at this point because despite being overdue, I still felt pretty good physically. It just became emotionally hard to be around people who were constantly asking, "When is she coming? Why are you still pregnant? Are you having contractions yet? etc..." Thankfully, Chris noticed how this was taking a toll on me and took the day off to make my birthday (Oct. 4) extra special this year. We spent the day reading, walking, relaxing and enjoying each others full attention for the last time before our daughter arrived. 

On Wednesday, October 5, I had a midwife appointment where they checked me and decided to monitor my contractions since they were so consistent. But after being monitored at the clinic and at the hospital, Chris and I returned home to relax and wait for the contractions to get stronger.

We rested, took a long walk and then went over to Cole and Dayna's house for dinner. About as soon as we arrived to Cole and Dayna's for dinner, my contractions went from about every five minutes apart to every couple of minutes. Over the course of an hour, they intensified quite a bit. Around 7:30 p.m. we decided to head home to get our bags and head Iowa Methodist. It was great to go into active labor while with some of our best friends - I'm a big fan on making memories like that and Cole and Dayna were very gracious about the whole situation. 

Once at the hospital, we hung out in the triage room and wandered the halls until my contractions became unbearable. Around 10 p.m. I was moved into a room and began really feeling the pains of labor. Thanks to a wonderful little drug called Fetanyl, I was able to to get through the most painful contractions a bit easier.

As my contractions continued to progress, I chatted with my wonderful midwife, Kim, and Chris about how I was going to get through the rest of labor...but around midnight Kim checked me and I had dilated from 6 cm to 9 cm in just two short hours! So whether I wanted to or not, I was destined for a delivery without pain medication.

After Kim broke my water, I quickly reached the full 10 cm and began pushing at 1:15 a.m.  Chris was so incredible throughout all of labor and delivery, but I really don't think I would have made it without him during pushing. He did such a great job at breathing with me, praying for me and reminding me that the end result of all the pain was our little daughter. Pushing is a lot of work for those of you who don't have kiddos yet - I was absolutely exhausted!!
About to have my water broken...
This was the best  nervous/excited
smile that I could muster. 
After what seemed like days, but actually was just an hour, our beautiful, wonderful, perfect and amazing Addison was born at 2:17 a.m. on Thursday, October 6.  She definitely wasn't the little 7 pounder we had been hoping for - she arrived weighing 8.4 pounds and was 20 inches long, but she was absolutely perfect!

I am extremely thankful for having such a wonderful labor and delivery experience. I don't think I would've changed a thing about it! It was definitely hard and painful, but the minute they placed Addison in my arms, nothing else mattered. The feeling of becoming a mother is indescribable, but I can say it is the most amazing thing I've ever experienced.

Anyways - here are some photos! More can be found on my facebook page :)

P.S. To any future moms out there: I would highly recommend the Midwives at Iowa Methodist. They are sooooooo wonderful! 

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