Friday, February 10, 2012

Four Months Old!

Addie turned four months old a few days ago! I can't believe how fast she seems to be growing up. In the past few days she has passed a few more milestones including rolling over in both directions, eating rice cereal and I found her first tooth last night!

We were planning on holding off on the rice cereal for awhile longer, but our pediatrician told us she was ready and it might help her sleep at night (she is an awful sleeper most nights). Well, we haven't had much success at better sleep, but after discovering her first tooth this isn't too surprising. Here are a few pictures from her first feeding. She did okay, I would estimate that about half managed its way to her stomach while the other half was splattered on her bib, legs, hands and chair. 

Addie also had her four month check-up and her four month shots. She did beautifully with the shots again and here are her stats!

Head size: 16.5 in. = 75%
Weight: 13.6 lbs. = 42%
Length: 24.5 in. = 58% 

Addison continues to be such a wonderful blessing to us. Chris has been home sick all week because of a nasty virus and I have started getting sick in the past few days, but Addie is a trooper and seems to be doing just fine. Her giggles and smiles make us instantly feel better! 

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