Thursday, April 5, 2012

Screaming, Scooting and Splashing

I feel like time is FLYING by! Addie turns six months old tomorrow!!! She has been growing so much in the past few weeks, sometimes I wish she would slow down. But I absolutely love playing with her and watching her learn and grow each day.

For anyone that has been around my child recently, you know that little Addie has a large set of lungs on her! She just screams and squeals all (and I mean ALL) day long. At first you may think she is upset, but nope, she is just talking away! I need to take a video of her chatter at some point, but it is delightful... and loud! 

Besides losing the luxury of a quiet home, I have also lost the ability to leave Addie on the floor, couch, chair, swing or anywhere else unattended. She is officially scooting/creeping around. She doesn't have the crawl down quite yet, but she can find a way to an object if she really wants it (usually the remote, cell phone or pop can).  Here are some photos of Addie scooting around on the floor. 

Ready, Set, GO!
Just pausing for a cute photo
So precious.
And last night at bath time, Addie discovered the lovely art of splashing. She has always loved bath time, but never did anything too exciting besides looking cute. I think she will have a lot more fun during bath times from here on out!

Tonight, Addie's uncle Justin is coming over to take her six month pictures. I am sure there will be plenty of cute pictures in my next post... and she will be wearing clothing in those :)

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