Thursday, July 5, 2012

Messy Little Girl

In the past few weeks, Addison has morphed from my sweet, innocent and clean little girl into a destructive, crazy, and very messy little girl. In my previous post, I mentioned that she was into everything... I was lying... She is now into EVERYTHING!

As I am writing this, she is chasing around an empty puffs container and pulling each zip lock bag out of its box.


She also has been teething again...for the past month. She currently has three bottom teeth, two top teeth and two more on the way! Poor thing! I hated losing teeth, getting my "big kid" teeth, braces and I still have a nervous breakdown before going to the dentist (laughing gas helps). So, compared to to her momma, she has been doing great! She has had a low grade fever, a little congestion and a hard time napping on some days.

She also has been changing her eating habits recently. She no longer wants to be fed baby food. She now wants to feed herself bites of food. She has amazing dexterity and does pretty well, but sometimes she can make a real mess..

The "no spoon" face
Looking adorable after dropping some on the floor. 
Compared to the more recent messes that she has made, these pictures don't look like she made a mess at all. Anyways, I guess I am adjusting to this messy stage and trying to resist the urge to follow her around with a vacuum and mop all day.

Hopefully my next post will be in the next few days (instead of weeks). Last week, we took a mini vacation to Omaha, Nebraska. We went to the Omaha Zoo and saw Michael Phelps swim in the Olympic Trials! I actually remembered to take some pictures and am uploading them right now... so there is hope for another post this week!!

We shall see.....

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