Saturday, October 13, 2012

Addie's First Birthday!!!

On October 6th Addie turned one! I can't believe it has already been a year since we got our first glimpse of our gorgeous daughter. I don't think I really believed it when people told me that the first year would fly by, but I definitely think this past year went by WAY too fast!!

We celebrated her birthday with a party on Friday night. We were BEYOND blessed by the event. So many friends and family were able to come, play and celebrate with us. We are incredibly thankful for the love and generosity people showed towards Addison. Here are some photos from her big birthday bash!

Katie Skillman helped me with all of the party decorations
including this banner! 

Addie's grandma, Brita, wasn't able to make it to the party, but
she definitely out-did herself with these two AMAZING puppy cakes!
Addie still shrieks and giggles at pictures of these. 
I went a little overboard and made eight pies for the party. Thankfully,
Chris is quite the baker and helped me out a ton!
I should have known that Addie wouldn't want to destroy her
cute little puppy cake. This girl LOOOOOOVES
dogs! After about ten minutes and some parental
encouragement, she started nibbling (in the daintiest
way possible) part of it. 

Daddy helping her test it out.
"Here daddy!!!!!"
Digging in....

But once it was all over both of her hands she was....
"ALL DONE!!!!"
Birthday girl enjoying the church's play place. 
Happy first birthday, Addison Renae!!!!
We also had her 12 month check-up this week and she is doing excellent across the charts! She's quite the averaged-sized kiddo now. Here are the stats:

Head size: 18 inches = 71%
Weight: 19 pounds, 11 ounces = 47%
Length: 29.5 inches = 51%

The downside to her 12 month check-up was that Addie had to get 5 shots and blood work done (talk about a rotten birthday gift!). Addie did extremely well in the clinic and barely cried, but about eight hours after getting the shots, she spiked a really high fever. Now, two days later... we are finally on the upswing after two reaaaallllllllllllly (I mean, REALLY) long nights with little to no sleep. Yay!

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