Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Meyer Family Update!

I haven't posted for three months...ha that's slightly embarassing. Oh well. A lot has happened since Addie's birthday (in October), so I will try to summarize what's been happening in a cohesive way!

First of all, WE MOVED! Most of you probably already knew that, but Chris, Addie and I now live in the city of Windsor Heights. We absolutely LOVE it! It is a bit crazy how everything worked out, but the short version is this: my sister bought our old house, we found a new house that we love, my parents are incredibly generous and helped us out, Jason Rude is an incredible realtor (if you ever move, you should use him!) and with interest rates extremely low, everyone got an amazing deal!
Our new home!!!
(It's too cold to take a photo today, so I just took this one from Google)
Addie was such a good helper with the move.
She loves helping her daddy sweep!
Similar to most people, we also had a very busy holiday season. We were able to host my family for Thanksgiving in our new home and absolutely loved spending quality time with my mom, dad and sister, Kelly. We were sad that my oldest sister, brother-in-law and niece were unable to make it, but they just moved to Seattle! We are hoping to save up and take a family vacation out there someday in the near(ish) future!

For Christmas, we traveled to O'Neill Nebraska for a few days and then drove back for a few with the Meyer family. The day after Christmas, we did a progressive brunch with the entire family which was so fun! Addie enjoyed opening gifts and spending time with both sets of grandparents and most of her uncles, aunts and cousins. And of course I couldn't resist dressing Addison in a fancy outfit for Christmas!
She's so cute!
And big!

A fun bonus of living in Windsor Heights is that Santa comes around on the fire truck and visits all the kiddos! Chris and I were very confused for a few moments when we heard the sirens going off, but we looked outside and there he was! Addie loved every moment of it.

After Christmas, Chris and I went to Omaha, NE for our church's annual Faithwalkers conference. Grandma and Grandpa Meyer took Addie for a couple of nights so Chris and I could be "baby-free" for  a little while. It was great to be able to focus and spend time with our friends, but we were very ready to see Addie bear after being away from her for a couple days. 

We really enjoyed some time off work and lots of time with family and friends. Now we are just trying to get back in some sorts of a routine. Chris is in training for the next two months with Nationwide and resumes classes at Drake for his Master's degree next week. I think it's going to be a pretty brutal semester for him as I've heard his professor is intense..... His dad. :) He also will continue to lead worship at Walnut Creek in Windsor Heights for second and third services.

Things will be a bit crazy for me for awhile too as I am going to be working three days a week at Iowa Health instead of two to help my department out for the next few months. Also as of January 1, I took over as the wedding coordinator for Walnut Creek Churches. Oh, and Addie and I have Maddie Klein with us on Thursdays too! Soooo with these things, trying to raise a crazy 15 month old and being a wife to a very busy man, things might get pretty interesting around here! 

I have about two dozen recipes that I've made in the past three months that I've been meaning to post, but I'll have to wait for another window of "baby-free" time for that! 

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