Tuesday, February 12, 2013

More Recipes!

For about six months, Chris and I have been trying to avoid eating out, especially fast food, whenever possible and it's been fantastic! We have eaten fast food once since Christmas and I can honestly say that even the thought of McDonalds kinda makes me want to throw up (which is crazy because I used to loooooooove it). We aren't quite ready to jump on the healthy-eating train, but we are trying to be smart about what we eat and trying to save money!

I'm also enjoying trying new things. I tried juicing, but it takes so much fruit and veggies to make such a small amount that I've abandoned that idea and am sticking to smoothies which are much more tasty and make a lot more. I've tried quinoa, spinach and squash, but I'm still just not a big fan. If anyone has any delicious recipes using those items, let me know!!! I have also been trying to make recipes that I can make a lot of so we can either freeze leftovers or take them for lunches since I'm working a lot more these days. 

Here are a few of the successful dishes from the past month or so. They aren't all "healthy" but they are healthIER than eating out: 

If you have any questions about these recipes or want to suggest a few - send them my way! Our household is doing well. Addie continues to learn new things each day and is simply a joy to be around! We are counting down the days to spring (35) when we can finally use our three-season porch, grill-out and of course enjoy WARM weather!!!

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