Thursday, July 28, 2011

Warm Washington

Last week, Chris and I were very blessed to be able to make a trip to Washington D.C. with part of the Meyer Family (Brad, Brita, Andrew, April and Autumn). Chris had never been to Washington D.C. and we really wanted to get away from Iowa one last time before this kiddo arrives in just nine short weeks!

Many people warned me about going to Washington D.C. in July...especially being 30 weeks pregnant. Yes, it was very warm (104 with a heat index of 116 on our last day) and I struggled at some points, but with the help my wonderful husband and in-laws, I survived! Most of you know what an incredible woman Brita is, but she really bent over backwards to make sure I was taken care of the whole trip! On most days she carried all of our lunches and six water bottles in her bag - she was probably carrying as much extra weight around as I was!

We did so much in just four days! Instead of writing all about it, I thought writing a list with photos would be much easier. Also, a big thanks to Autumn for being our official photographer throughout the whole trip... I took a grand total of three photos - oops!

Monday: Travel day
Tuesday: Whitehouse, Spy Museum, Sculpture Garden, Moonlight bus tour of D.C. - The moonlight tour was the best idea ever! It was great to be driven from place to place as it was getting cooler outside. I would highly recommend this to anyone planning on going to D.C. in the summer.

At the Whitehouse

The Capital
Thomas Jefferson had some pretty
interesting things to say...
 Wednesday: Bureau of printing and engraving tour, Washington Monument (I went all the way to the top!), Smithsonian museum of art and the Smithsonian botanical garden.

One of the views from the top
of the Washington Monument.

The Smithsonian Museum of Art.
The only Leonardo Da Vinci
in the Western Hemisphere.

Thursday: Library of Congress, Clay Paciorek, We The Pizza, Union Station and a hip-hop concert at the Kennedy Center.
Library of Congress

Clay came to visit us!!!
Friday: Boat ride to Mount Vernon. This was the extremely hot day! I was very thankful that both the boat and museums had air conditioning. I even went swimming when we got back from Mount Vernon, but no, there aren't any photos from that event (thank goodness!).
Our boat to Mount Vernon
Mount Vernon
Saturday: Travel Day

We averaged about 5 miles of walking each day in D.C. so I was extremely exhausted by the end of the trip, but Chris and I had a great time on vacation with his family. We really hope we can make it next year, but we aren't sure how a 9 month old will do in Yellowstone. :S We will just haev to wait and see!

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